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iTero Intraoral Scanner

We're thrilled to introduce to you a revolutionary advancement in dental scanning technology and the newest addition to our services.

Introducing the iTero Intraoral Scanner

The iTero works like the plaster moulds of the past, making an exact replica of your teeth that we can use to plan dental reconstructions, orthodontics, bridges, and more. The biggest difference, however, is that a mould takes a lot of time to make, and usually won't be ready for at least a few days. The iTero wand, on the other hand, captures 20 accurate scans of your teeth per second.

What is iTero Intraoral Scanner?

Intraoral scanners from iTero scan the mouths of patients, capturing images to create three-dimensional dental images in minutes. Intraoral scanners are simple to use and can be operated by one person. Their user-friendly nature helps dental professionals get the best results. The scans they produce are also more detailed than the traditional two-dimensional images they replace.

Invisalign clear aligners are one of the most popular teeth-straightening aids used today as they’re effective, removable, and virtually undetectable. Unlike many intraoral scanners, iTero intraoral scanners have open architecture which makes them compatible with the Invisalign system, including its Invisalign Outcome Simulator. Orthodontists can scan their patients’ mouths with an iTero intraoral scanner, then show them how their Invisalign treatment will look. This technology improves the patient experience because patients can know what to expect and feel more confident in their diagnosis and treatment plan. It also makes the setup three times faster.

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