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Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Lotus Dental Clinic. We are dedicated to providing the best possible dental care and service to you. Your complete understanding of your financial responsibilities is an essential element of your care and treatment. If you have any questions about the financial policy, please do not hesitate in discussing them with us.

Full payment is due as services are provided. For your convenience, we accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and debit (Interac) payments. For cash and cheque payments we offer a 5% cost reduction when payment is made in full at least one week prior to the day when treatment is provided. Please note that should a cheque bounce, there will be a 60$ fee charged to your account.

For services equaling over $500, 50% of that cost will be required as a deposit at the time of booking the appointment. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable should the appointment be cancelled/rescheduled without two business days notice. At the conclusion of your appointment you will receive a statement outlining the services that were performed.

Your benefits are a contract between you and your insurance company. We are a third party to that contract and it is completely your responsibility to be aware of what your coverage is. As a courtesy to you, our office provides certain services, including a pre- treatment estimate which we send to the insurance company at your request. If you are having trouble finding out what you're covered for feel free to ask us for help. Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage. If we do not receive payment from your insurance company within 60 days, the balance ultimately becomes your responsibility and will be charged to the card on file.

We can electronically submit your dental claim to your insurance provider or provide you with a dental insurance claim form that you can submit to your insurer or employer. As a courtesy to our patients, when more extensive treatments are required, we can customize a payment plan depending on cost and length of treatment. This includes Invisalign orthodontic treatments. Some procedures are deductible as health expenses on annual income tax returns. You should check with your accountant to determine whether you may benefit from such a claim.

Missed Appointments: time reserved in the schedule is valuable to us and all our patients who require dental care. In order to maintain excellent service we require that you make a change to your reserved time at least two business days in advance. We reserve the right to charge $50 to your card on file if notice is not given, $100 for a confirmed missed appointment, and 50% of the appointment for treatment scheduled with Dr. George Atanasiu or Dr. Melanie Milito. For minor patients, parents or guardians are responsible for payment. A credit card on file will be charged for their appointment if parent/guardian is not present at time of appointment.


Why are we asking you for this information?

You will be asked for a credit card at the time you check in, and the information will be held securely unless required for pending charges on your account. You will receive a statement in the mail and will have been made aware of the situation, so the charge will not come as a surprise to you.

Healthcare is a personal relationship between a patient and a physician. While we don't believe dental care is just like any other product, practices of insurance companies have made payment for dental care like any other product or service. We ask your understanding with this policy.

Dr. George is known for an interactive diagnostic approach where you, the patient, will be involved in customizing and individualizing your treatment.

Dr. George's expertise in modern dental procedures and continuous training leads to reliable and lasting solutions for patients.

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